Does this system work with wheelchair fencing?

There is no reason that our system should not be suitable for wheelchair fencing. However, we are still in the process of testing this application, and will update you on the results of this testing on our website.

How much does the set weigh? How portable is it?

The EnPointe wireless fencing set contains 2 x 111g pocket boxes and 1 x 165g relay box, (including batteries). In the carry case, the complete set weighs 575g. For this reason it is a very portable system, that can be moved around and set up with ease.

How long will batteries last in the relay and pocket boxes? How will I know if my box has low battery?

One set of batteries in the pocket boxes should last for over 90 hours of continuous fencing, or approximately 3 months of regular club use. The relay boxes should last over 120 hours, or 4 months of club use, on one set of batteries. When the batteries are running low on the relay box, the box will flash all the lights when it is turned on. When the batteries are running low on the pocket box, the light inside the box (viewed from the pin connector) will be red when you perform the battery check as described in the manual.

How durable is the pocket box? Will it break if I fall on it?

The pocket boxes are made from aluminium and flexible fibreglass, it would be highly unlikely that one could be broken in the process of normal fencing, even if you were to drop it, fall directly onto it, or step on it accidentally. That being said, we recommend that fencers treat the pocket boxes with care, the same as any other expensive tech.

How closely does the EnPointe Wireless fencing system mirror the functioning of existing reels and wires?

We have made every effort to ensure that the EnPointe system behaves in the same manner as the currently-used wired systems. The EnPointe system follows the same timing and light decisions of standard reels in all three weapons. It adheres to all FIE guidelines on wireless scoring as outlined in their wireless 2016 test protocol.

Are there any instances in which the wireless system doesn’t behave in the same way as reels?

Due to the nature of our technology, there are some small ways in which we differ to a wired system; though not any that you’re likely to encounter in a normal bout.

For example, with our system, if you press your non-weapon hand firmly into your lamé (not just brushing it, or touching it with a few fingers), your non-weapon hand may appear on-target if hit.

We considered this to be an acceptable ‘fault’ as:

  1. Covering target area with the rear weapon hand is against the rules.
  2. This should never be an issue in a real bout, because if you are covering target with your non-weapon hand, the referee should call halt (also, you will be carded).
  3. Pressing your hand into your lamé only disadvantages you. You don’t want your non-weapon hand to be target? Then don’t cover target by pressing your palm into your lamé.

In the interests of transparency we have decided to publish our testing data online. This allows fencers, referees, clubs, and competition organisers to have a full understanding of the workings of the EnPointe system. It also allows for more precise troubleshooting, in order to identify what could be an actual issue with the system (please report these to our website - we can fix any bugs with free online updates), or what may be a problem with fencers’ existing equipment. The testing datasheet will be available soon from our downloads page.

Will my scoring machine still work as usual?

Yes, the relay box allows for current scoring machines to operate in their usual fashion. This includes using a remote, displaying a clock, displaying the score, red and yellow cards, etc.


Can I purchase a portable display?

We intend on releasing a portable display that is fully compatible with this version’s pocket boxes, before the end of next year (2019).

Does this wireless system require a metallic piste?

No, this technology can be used with, or without a piste. To cancel hits to a grounded metallic piste, a piste box will be required. This will be available for purchase in late 2018, and will be compatible with any previously purchased wireless sets.

Can I still fence on a metallic piste without a piste box?

Yes, it will just function as if you are fencing with no piste - so hits to the piste in épée and foil will not be cancelled.

If I have equipment that is old or malfunctioning, will this affect the wireless scoring?

Faulty equipment will act the same as how it would in a wired system, with two known exceptions. Firstly, a broken body wire in Sabre (which, like in the wired system, will display an off-target light) will not allow hits to be made while the blade is disconnected. Secondly, a highly resistive lamé, will likely appear as (repeatedly) on-target in the wireless system. Very large ‘dead-spots’ will still register as off-target.

Will other wireless devices, including those that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, affect the functioning of my EnPointe wireless fencing system?

No, the system utilises frequency-hopping technology, meaning that it automatically and instantaneously shifts between 40 different channels in the 2402 to 2480 MHz range. Compliant wireless emitters should not interfere with the functioning of the system even in a crowded wireless environment.

How many EnPointe systems can operate in the same room?

Over 40 EnPointe wireless systems can operate in the same room without degraded performance. If each system is using a fencing piste-width’s worth of space, they should be far enough away from other systems that there is no limit to the amount of wireless sets that can run concurrently in the same room, without reduced performance.

Is this system affected by sweat? Does sweaty or wet gear reduce the reliability of the system?

It shouldn’t - this system is substantially robust against sweat. In all testing scenarios, the system can still correctly identify on and off-target while the fencer is sweaty. It is possible that there are ‘outlier’ fencers who may have this issue, but if you do not have problems with the existing wired system, you should not have an issue with the EnPointe wireless system.

If the timing rules change for any of the weapons, how do I update my wireless system?

In the event of rule changes, or if we have made any changes to our system that we think will improve the wireless experience, we will provide free updates to download from our website.

These files can be loaded onto an MMC - MultiMediaCard (like those used in digital cameras), and then plugged into the relay box. For more information, please see the ‘Timing and Updates’ section of the instruction manual.

Do I have to purchase a special type of scoring machine that is compatible with the relay box? Will any club machine still work?

Any fencing scoring machine that plugs into a set of reels will work with the EnPointe fencing system. There is no need to buy a new scoring machine, as all existing brands should be compatible.


Is there a calibration routine before you fence?

No. No calibration routine is required for the EnPointe system, you can fence as soon as you touch on.

What is meant by ‘touch on’?

As any pocket box can be used with any relay box, you must register your box to begin fencing. When you are on the piste and ready to fence, touch the relay box with your weapon. The first person to ‘touch on’ is allocated to the right hand side of the piste. The touch on process takes less than a second.

Will I need to touch on again if I change a weapon, lamé or wire?

No. So long as you have the same pocket box, you do not need to touch on again. You only need to touch on if you decide to change sides of the piste (while keeping your same pocket box), or if no hit of any kind has been made for more than 15 minutes, by which time the relay and pocket boxes switch off to preserve battery life.

Does hitting the rear (non-weapon) hand, cause an on-target light in foil?

No. Our system follows the light decisions of standard reels.

Will hitting your own hand in foil cause an on-target light?

No, that is not an issue with this system.

Can you use your own hand to test a weapon? Can you hold your weapon to steady it when testing a specific spot, for example, on a lamé that seems to have a dead spot?

Yes, you can test the button of your weapon with your thumb or finger, the results will be the same as testing using the wired system. The performance of the system is not altered by hitting bare skin.

You can also use your hand to guide the weapon to test a specific spot. Again, this does not alter the functioning of the system. 



How important is it that my pocket box remains close to my body? Will the system work if I wear loose clothing?

The pocket boxes are designed to sit in the pocket of standard fencing breeches. They can be used with normal sweatpants, so long as the box remains snug in the pocket, and has continuous contact with the body. Extremely loose clothing, in which the boxes would rattle around, is not ideal. In this scenario, we recommend using a waistband clip, so that the box can reliably sense the fencer.

If your pocket box is too far from the body, or you have placed the box in your pocket facing the wrong way (the side with the EnPointe logo must face outward), an equipment error light will appear on the relay box to notify you.

This will not be an issue with breeches, or the waistband clip, though someone with a very loose and baggy pocket where the box rattles around, may encounter this light. In most scenarios this will be fine, and you will see no degraded performance. In extreme scenarios, you may see something like the rear hand in foil occasionally registering as target. This would disadvantage the fencer whose pocket is too loose. Anyone with a ‘good pocket’ will have an off-target rear hand.

Some fencers at our club regularly wear sweatpants without pockets to training. Is there a solution for those who want to use the system, but do not have pockets?

Yes, this is why we developed a waistband clip. The pocket box slots into the waistband clip, and allows it to be used with any kind of sweatpants, breeches, or shorts.  It also guarantees a ‘good pocket’ where the pocket box can accurately sense the fencer.

Being able to use it with or without a clip also means that those who have the boxes directly in their pocket do not have a clip digging into their leg, or sitting uncomfortably in their pocket.

Waistband clips are available from our online store.


Do I require a Piste Box?

Really, this depends on your club. If you don’t have metallic pistes, or are a sabre-only club, you will not require a Piste Box. If your club runs Foil and Epee, and you would like your piste hits cancelled with competition level accuracy, the Piste Box is for you!

Does my metallic piste need to be grounded, in order for the Piste Box to work?

No. Both grounded, and non-grounded pistes will be cancelled with a Piste Box attached.

Can I use the same Piste Box for multiple strips?

You can pair any Piste Box to any Relay Box, and use it to cancel hits to the piste. Please note that each Piste Box can only be paired to one Relay Box at a time, so if you wish to cancel hits on multiple pistes at once, you will need multiple Piste Boxes.

What is meant by ‘Conductive Tape’?

The ‘Conductive Tape’ is a 25mm wide metallic tape that is either placed along one side of the piste (suitable for practice), or around the entire perimeter of the piste (recommended for competition-level accuracy).

Can I use the Piste Box, without the ‘Conductive Tape’?

It is possible for some clubs with multiple pistes to set up their Piste Boxes by using an adjacent piste instead of Conductive Tape. Other large metallic objects (like staging or podiums) can, in some circumstances, provide a similar function. For more information about what kind of setup may suit your club’s needs, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected].

Why is a Piste Box, and the Conductive Tape necessary? Why can’t hits be cancelled without it?

This setup is what allows us to provide competition-level accuracy in hits to the piste in all environments. We want our wireless to work equally well in all clubs and competitions, which is why we chose this set up.

Where can I get more Conductive Tape?

You can purchase Conductive Tape separately from our online shop. Similar items can be purchased from hardware or electronics stores.

Can I use similar items/wires in place of the Conductive Tape for the same effect?

Most kinds of tape with a similar size, shape and conductivity to the tape we provide, will be suitable for this purpose. We can guarantee that the tape we provide will work with the Piste Box. Other kinds of conductive tape may not have the same level of compatibility. If you have a specific tape in mind, you can contact our support team at [email protected],  and we will advise you on the suitability of the proposed substitute product.

Generally, most wires do not have the surface area required for the optimal functioning of our system, but some clubs have tested with them and found them to work.

Why is it important for the ‘competition’ set up to have the Conductive Tape completely encompassing the piste? What is the difference between that and the ‘practice’ set up?

In a practice set up, you may see reduced performance in edge cases. Edge cases are scenarios that you may rarely encounter in a bout. For example, hits that occur when fencers are passing each other - while those fencers are very sweaty, may be less reliable if you are using a practice setup. For more accurate piste cancellation in all circumstances, we recommend our ‘competition’ set up: encircling the whole piste with conductive tape.

Where can I find more information about the Piste Box?

You can find more detailed information about the Piste Box in our Piste Box Manual. The Piste Box Set Up Guide will be available soon from our videos page.


Is the EnPointe system compliant with international safety certifications, like FCC? Where can I find more information on this topic?

Yes. Our equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. Our fencing sets contain the FCC ID SQGBL652. For more information on our certifications (including CE and RCM), feel free to take a look at our manual.

Do you have FIE or UIPM certification?

There is no existing FIE certification available for wireless systems or scoring machines. However, since our release in May we have been approved by the FIE for use at the 2018 Epee World Cup in Tallinn, Estonia, the Pan American Youth and Veterans Championships in San Salvador, and the Foil and Sabre FIE satellite in Antalya, Turkey.

Like the FIE, the UIPM does not have a list of homologated systems, but in September we were approved for use in the mixed-relay fencing ranking round at the 2018 Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Mexico City.

You can keep up to date with the tournaments that use the EnPointe Wireless System by reading our blog, following us on social media, or signing up to our mailing list.

Are the wireless signals encrypted? Is there a chance that  a third party device could change the signals received by the relay box in order to cheat?

The wireless signals are encrypted and authenticated using the AES-128 cipher. Once a fencer has ‘touched on’ to the relay box, the only signals that can be received are from the two pocket boxes. A third-party device could jam the signal, but cannot change the information received by the relay box.

What happens if there is deliberate interference to the wireless system using an illegal jamming device?

The system is designed to operate in normal conditions, and illegal or contraband jamming devices will indeed disrupt wireless communication in that vicinity. This will be true for all wireless technology, like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If wireless connectivity is lost,  you will receive an error: all the warning lights on the Relay Box will flash yellow.  If the connection is lost for long enough that a hit may have been missed, the scoring machine will display off-target lights and the relay box will then attempt to reconnect. If the system cannot reconnect you may have to touch on again to re-establish the connection. This means there’s no way you can continue fencing without knowing that the wireless has become disconnected.


I don’t live in the USA, European Union or Australia, can you still ship to me?

We’re happy to ship to anywhere in the world. However, please keep in mind that if you are outside of these zones extra costs may be incurred. These costs may vary depending on the specific country’s customs, handling, and import fees, as well as local taxes. These additional costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

It is also the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that purchased items can be imported into the destination country legally and in accordance with local laws, customs and guidelines.

How long will my order take to be shipped?

In the EU, USA, and Australia, orders take around 2-10 business days to ship once they have been dispatched. For countries outside of these zones, please allow up to three weeks for shipments to arrive as many are shipped directly from Australia.

What should I do if it appears my package from EnPointe has been damaged?

Please note that if you sign for a package, you are acknowledging that the package arrived in good condition. If the package appears damaged in any way, please open and check the contents before signing for the package. If the contents are damaged or missing, refuse the package and it will be returned to sender – EnPointe. We can then make an insurance claim to the mail service and re-send your items. We cannot accept responsibility for a package being broken or damaged if the customer has signed for it.

My credit card is in a foreign currency, is this okay?

We are an Australian business, and the prices on this website are charged in the currency they appear in (AUD, GBP, USD, or EUR). If you are using a foreign bank or credit card not in the above currencies, you may incur conversion fees. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with their bank and credit card. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for foreign transaction or currency conversion fees on the part of the user.


My club does not have a credit card, is there another payment option?

We also offer bank transfer options for clubs and individuals unable to order via credit card. This option is available at checkout. Please allow one business day for your invoice to arrive, and three business days for the payment to be processed. Process time will depend on your bank.

How do I cancel an order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please notify EnPointe by emailing [email protected], as soon as possible, and before you have received the shipping confirmation email. We will then refund your cancelled order in full.

What should I do if I am seeking to return or refund an order?

Please take a look at our Returns Policy for more information on this process.

What is the warranty for the EnPointe Wireless Fencing System?

The warranty is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. It includes free repair for any defects in materials or assembly. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions for more information about the warranties on our products.

Where can I find more information about your shipping and payment policies?

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Returns Policy for more information on these topics.