$1,220.00 AUD

Complete reel replacement system.

Consists of:

  • 1x Relay Box
  • 2x Pocket Box
  • 1x Carry Case

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The EnPointe Fencing Set is a wireless alternative to reels for Sabre, Foil and Épée.

The relay box connects to an existing fencing scoring machine* with two connector cords. You can add a set of connector cords to this order below. The scoring machine will function as usual, so the clock, score, remote and yellow/red card functions can still be operated as normal.

The Relay Box uses four standard AAA batteries and has a battery life of 120 hours of continuous fencing, or 4 months of club use. The pocket boxes use two standard AAA batteries and have a life of 90 hours of continuous fencing, or approximately 3 months of regular club use.

There is no additional setup procedure, conductive shirts, calibration routines, or channel-changing required. The wireless communication is encrypted.

For cancellation of hits to a metallic piste, a piste connector will be required. 

For more information view our quick start videos, or have a browse through our FAQs or manual.


*The relay box is compatible with all scoring machines that plug into a set of reels. A scoring machine is not included.

Additional information

Weight 575 g
Dimensions 21 x 17.5 x 5 cm
Power Supply

Relay Box: 4x AAA batteries
Pocket Box: 2x AAA batteries

Battery Life

Relay Box: 120 hours
Pocket Box: 90 hours

Radio Transmission Frequency

2.4GHz ISM band

Encryption Protocol

AES-128 authenticated encryption